How to Grow Wheatgrass In Hot Summer Months

How to Grow Wheatgrass in Hot Summer Months

Grow Wheatgrass in Hot Summers

We have already uploaded a video on how to grow wheatgrass at home by soil less method in the first week of Feb, 2017. It was liked and appreciated by you all and we are very thankful for that.


In March, we received a comment where a you tuber from Chennai, India,  informed us that he had followed the instructions given in our video and had covered the tray for the first 2 days to facilitate root formation.  But after two days, his wheatgrass seeds had become rotten and he had to abort the entire process. His was a case of high humidity coupled with high temperature.


This prompted us grow our own tray in these summer condition and document it for the benefits of the people who want to grow wheatgrass in their homes during summers aswell.


For wheatgrass growers, summers time has always been a challenge. when the temperature is around 20 degree Celsius, they find it effortless to grow wheatgrass in their homes. Just throwing some seeds in a tray or on soil seems to do the trick, & they are assured of wheatgrass by day 8 or 9


But as soon as winters are over and the temperatures shoot to 40s, they suddenly start facing a ton of problem. Seeds fail to germinate, yield gets reduced by 70 to 80 percent and there is almost always mold formation.

Step by step procedure for growing Wheatgrass in hot climates.

Wheatgrass Grown In Summers

Let’s see the step by step procedure that we followed to successfully grow the tray of wheatgrass you just saw in hot summer conditions


We will require every thing that we used for growing wheatgrass in winters plus two additional things which are pure Neem oil and a jute sheet.


We are using the Addy Wheatgrass growing kit which consists of an unbreakable tray,  good quality wheatgrass seeds with high germination rates and organic growing medium.

How to Germinate Wheatgrass Seed in High Temperature

First step is to weigh out 400 gm of seeds for germination.


Next, Transfer these seeds to a beaker and wash them thoroughly at least two times.


Now, here’s an important step that you need to follow for growing wheatgrass in summers


Wheat is a winter crop. It needs cold temperature for its seeds to germinate and grow into wheatgrass.


Ideal temperature for wheatgrass germination is 15 degree Celsius to 22 degree.


Most of the people wanting to grow wheatgrass in summers fail at this very step. Their seeds do not germinate due to being subjected to high temperature and they have to abort the process half way


To overcome this huge problem, there is a very simple solution. Germinate the seeds in the normal compartment of your home refrigerator.  Keep the soaked seeds in the refrigerator for 8 hours.


Now, you will need to prepare a tray side by side while the seeds are soaking, so that the nutrients in the  growing medium are already activated and ready when we finally transfer the germinated seeds after two days.

How to Prevent Mold Formation

Another huge problem that most wheatgrass growers face is the formation of mold in the base of the tray.

How to Preventing Molds in Wheatgrass

And this problem only gets aggravated during the summers


To avoid this, spray the tray with a solution made with 5 ml of pure Neem oil and a liter of water.


Next step is to make a quarter inch layer of the addy wheatgrass growing medium.

Wheatgrass Growing Medium

Spray this layer with a good amount of Neem oil water solution as well to get rid of any fungus it might have and to activate the nutrients in it.

Neem Oil Spray in wheatgrass tray

Keep watering the tray with normal water every 8 hours to keep it moist.


After 8 hours we will re soak the seeds for 15 minutes, drain the water and keep it again in the refrigerator for 8 hours for germination.


We found that our seeds had germinated in 48 hours and decided to transfer them to the tray.

Wheatgrass Seeds Germination

Transferring the Seeds to The Tray

Before transferring the seeds, we again sprayed the tray with neem oil and water solution to eliminate any fungus left in it


Be careful  as to not break the white tails of the seeds while transferring them to the tray


Spread the seeds in such a way that they are touching each other but aren’t overlapping.

Laying of Wheatgrass Seeds in Tray

Root Formation

After you finish laying up the seeds, cover the tray with a wet jute cloth and place it in a cool place where you have a cooler or an AC running


Covering it with jute is an important step. Do not cover the tray with paper or a towel as they will trap humidity and heat and the seeds will rot in a few hours


Jute has big weaving holes in it which facilitate air circulation.


And keeping  it moist all the time also keeps the tray cool and in turn prevents rot and promotes root formation.

Covering of wheatgrass tray for root formation

Watering the Tray

Don’t forget to remove the jute covering every few hours and check for moisture loss.


We found that it required watering every 2 hours to stay moist.

Watering wheatgrass tray

We also sprayed it with Neem oil water solution once a day for next two days while keeping it covered with the jute cloth.

Spray of Neem Oil on Wheatgrass Tray to prevent mold

After two days, remove the cover and place the tray under a led lamp of at least 8 watts

Be careful in choosing Neem Oil

Now, a word of caution about the Neem oil you will use for this purpose. Do read the label carefully to make sure that its pure Neem oil and that no other chemical pesticides have been added to it.

Those who are concerned can also buy organic Neem oil that is fit for human consumption.


But pure Neem oil should be good enough, as long as the label says that you can safely spray it on vegetables and fruits meant for human consumption.

Tip for Germinating the Seeds

Here’s a tip for germinating the seeds in the refrigerator


While the germination process is going on, you need to observe the seed for white tails coming out its end.


We found that white tails were slow to come out in comparison to when seeds are left outside for germination.


So we decided to keep it out of refrigerator for approx 1 – 2 hours during the 8 hour cycle, which quickened the germinating process.


You need to keep checking seeds for any funky smell which might suggest rot setting in


If that happens, wash the seeds and keep them in fridge for longer periods and lesser periods outside it

Sudden Spurt in Growth after Day 6

As you can see with each passing day wheatgrass growth is picking up and it had a sudden spurt in growth from May 1, which was day 6 of the total nine day process.

Wheatgrass Growth on 6th day

Important Things we Followed to Grow Wheatgrass in Summer

We always had the led lamp on and cooler was running for 12 hours approximately every day


The temperature it was kept in had a high of 31.1 degree Celsius and low of 27 degree Celsius


We kept watering it every 2 to 3 hours


We checked for mold and the smell of rotting but didn’t find any.


Our trays had many holes, which ensured no water logging.


Excess water quickly escaped the tray within minutes of watering.

That helped a lot in preventing any root rot.


On May 3, which was day 9, we had a full grown tray.

Wheatgrass Growth on Day 9

We have been in the wheatgrass business for 7 years now


And have been providing premium quality wheatgrass to its consumers in Delhi for many years.


Honestly, on day  9, there was very little difference between  the home grown tray in summer hot condition and the one grown in the hydroponic machine in a fully controlled environment.


Germinating the seeds in the refrigerator and the use of wet jute cloth gave the seeds a solid start helping them withstand the high temperatures between 27 to 31 degree Celsius  and yield lush green wheatgrass.


Continuously using 8 watt day light type led lamp during the last 3 days  also played a crucial role as it acted as the sun for the tray minus its heat


Now after successfully completing the process, we can confidently assure you of similar success but only if you follow every bit of information and procedure shown in this video.

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What is Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

What do we mean by Type I & II Diabetes?

Insulin Addy Wheatgrass

Usually, Diabetes is of two main types - Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes


A person is diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when their body stops producing Insulin.

This happens when the body's immune system destroys the beta cells responsible for producing insulin. these cells are usually present in our pancreas.

Glucose in the blood can't move into cells because insulin isn’t there to do it. Instead it accumulate in the blood and the cells starve.

This causes high blood/glucose sugar levels. This usually leads to Dehydration and Weight loss.

The body also starts breaking down fat cells to combat energy deficiency. This leads to production of a chemical call Ketone in the body.

Your liver also starts releasing the sugar it stores to help out. This combination of build up of extra sugar and acidic ketones in the blood and dehydration can even prove to be life threatening if not treated right away. This is known as Diabetic ketoacidosis aka DKA.

Type 2 Diabetes

In case of Type II Diabetes, the body is still producing Insulin but the body stops responding to its effects. This condition is called Insulin Resistance.

At first the pancreas just starts producing even more Insulin. But after a while it just can't keep up and the blood sugar levels start rising.

Reasons leading to Type 2 Diabetes


Type II Diabetes usually occurs due to a variety of reasons. One reason can be Genes. Scientists have found that there are different parts of our DNA that dictate how our body reacts to Insulin.

Being Obese can also cause Insulin Resistance in our body sometimes.

People suffering from a combination of conditions like high blood glucose, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and triglycerides, also run a high chance of testing positive for Type II Diabetes, especially if they are over weight.

Too much Glucose from the Liver can also lead to Type II Diabetes.

Whenever we eat much more than the amount our body needs, our blood sugar rises above normal. Usually, liver starts storing all the extra blood glucose that we don't require. But some people's livers just don't do this and keep pumping more sugar into their blood stream.

Another reason for Type II Diabetes can also be malfunctioning Beta Cells in the Pancreas. It is possible for Beta Cells to release the wrong amount of Insulin at the wrong time into the blood stream and throw off the blood sugar. This can lead to high levels of blood glucose.

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What is Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes - What does it mean?


Medicine prescribed by your doctor alone can't cure your diabetes nor can it protect you from all its ill effects.


Only you can do that! Medicines that are prescribed by your doctor are essential when you embark on the path towards recovery, but there are many other steps that you need to take if you want to successfully live a healthy life with diabetes.

Blood Suger Diabetes Test


What is diabetes?

In simple terms, Diabetes is a body condition where it can't make use of Glucose derived from the food we eat to generate energy. Due to this Glucose starts accumulating in our blood stream, raising our blood sugar levels.

Unlike automobiles, we humans, aren't capable of deriving energy from petrol, so, we need to eat food.


Our body through digestion, converts the carbohydrates and starch that we consume into Glucose. Which then gets released it into our blood stream.


Insulin is a hormone secreted by an organ called Pancreas in our body. It is responsible for allowing body cells to use Glucose to make Energy for our day to day activities.


Insulin regulates our blood glucose/sugar levels, and it does so by giving a signal to our liver and our cells to take the glucose content from our blood.


Our body cells then convert Glucose into Glycogen to generate energy for themselves.


Liver stores any excess Glycogen being produced for later use.


Now, if for some reason, our body stops producing insulin or if our body stops responding to insulin's effects, our blood sugar/glucose level will start rising.


This happens because our body isn't able to convert sugar into energy anymore and it starts accumulating in our blood stream.


Diabetes is a disorder of the Endocrine Gland, that occurs when a person's blood sugar/glucose levels are consistently above normal. Other than for reasons like our body's inability to produce Insulin or respond to its effects, Diabetes can also appear during pregnancy in some cases.



Type of Diabetes


There are three types of Diabetes - Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes.


When your body stops producing Insulin and our cells are no longer able to use Glucose for generating energy, it is called Type 1 Diabetes.


When your body produces less Insulin or your body stops responding to insulin's effects, it is called Type 2 Diabetes.


Once we understand what Diabetes means, the next important step is to find out how it effects our body and how the food that we consume or physical activity we might undertake can help in controlling it.


Managing Diabetes is not just a simple affair of periodic clinical tests and adjusting medicine according to them.


Understanding your body's reaction to various food and exercises also plays a major role in controlling Diabetes.


We also need to look in to the possibility of naturally available herbs and home remedies.

Combining such natural remedies with useful yoga asanas would definitely be a major help in combating diabetes with no harmful effects.


Do read our future articles on Diabetes, where we will be covering many more aspects of diabetes and ways of controlling it


We hope you found this information useful, please share and google plus our blog if you did.

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Weight Loss or to live Healthier

Weight Loss or to Live Healthier?

Are you aiming to loose that extra flab or do you want to learn how to live a healthier life? What's your aim ???
Weight Loss is still one of the top most searched Items on Google, others being How to Quit Smoking or Drinking, How to Come out of Debt, etc.

But the bitter truth here is that out of every 100 people who take up weight loss, 93 people loose their steam by the start of the second or third month itself. Common reasons for quitting given are usually lack of time or fatigue.

So, is Weight loss an exercise in isolation or is it an end product that comes after achieving overall health by adopting a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle that involves eating healthy, exercising regularly and spending time with family. Let us explore.

Before we start brainstorming about steps that will make us different from all those people who quit, let us first define the kind of extra body weight that we are talking about.



There are a lot of reasons other than unhealthy eating, lack of exercise etc. that lead to the weight gain you usually feel guilty about. Few of these are :


A condition where the thyroid gland starts producing very little thyroid hormone.This leads to slowing down of metabolism and causing weight gain.


Water Retention

Extra body weight does not always mean fat, it could also be due to fluid retention. If you press your skin and it leaves a depression instead of just springing back up again, then it's probably a case of fluid retention. It might be due to some medical condition related to the liver, a kidney disease, or in some cases even cancer.



Some times depression can lead to overeating that results in extra weight gain.


Medicines for depression, high blood pressure, seizures and steroids are known to cause increase you body weight.



In certain Health conditions related to pre-menopausal women, their bodies start producing more male hormones which usually results in gain in body weight.

In all of the above mentioned cases, consulting a doctor is a must as only he can determine if  you are actually suffering from any of these conditions and what remedial steps you need to take.


In case you aren't suffering from any of the above mentioned conditions and have still found that you have outgrown the shirt you bought only six months ago, then you need to make a crucial decision. Do you just want to loose weight or do you want to attain a healthier lifestyle that will automatically lead to a healthier and leaner body type.


Let us explore some reasons other than medical conditions that lead to weight gain and how we can replace them with a healthier lifestyle.


The main reasons for our weight gain are :

  • We eat more than our body requires or can metabolize by our day to day activities alone.
  • We eat a lot of empty calories in the form of Junk food
  • Dieting

Dr. Naresh Trehan was once asked

A leading Indian cardiologist, Dr. Naresh Trehan was once asked, why we humans should have to avoid red meat to keep out heart disease free when a lion eats 15 to 30 kgs of meat at once and still does not have any heart problems?


His answer was, that if we humans too start running 50 miles a week, we will also be able to eat that much of meat without any risk of heart diseases.


We humans usually tend to eat more than our body requires. All these extra calories, if not utilized as an energy source, accumulate in our body as fat, which we then rush to burn off via activities like exercising and/or dieting.  So, instead of overeating and then working hard to get rid of that extra flab, we should calculate the amount of food our body requires to ensure proper execution of our day to day activities and eat accordingly. Just Google 'How much Calories I need in a day' and you will find an array of sites that will give you all the information you need to plan your Daily food intake.


Plan your diet before planning your exercise mode and schedule.

Junk Food Empty Calories Addy Wheatgrass

Another major reason for weight gain is consumption of empty calories in the form of junk food. Even if you only had pizza with tomato ketchup and french fries (weighing 200 gm) for lunch, you consumed approximately 700 calories! An average person only needs 1200 calories for his normal day to day activities. So, start eating healthier meals instead of junk food with an emphasis on eating green.


Avoiding junk food can determine whether you are fat or fit.

Our body can respond to Dieting by gaining weight. Surprised??


Reason for this is that during old primitive times, when food availability was low and there were times when scarcity of food would last for months.


Starvation due to food shortage became a signal for our body to accumulate energy in form of body fat when ever food was available for later use.


So dieting and starving ourselves in the name of dieting signals to our mind that there is a shortage of food and it starts storing food in form of body fat resulting in weight gain.

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Dieting should not be about starving our body but about substituting high calorie food with healthier low calorie food like salads and fruits.


Once we realize the importance of eating right to maintain the right weight for our body, we need to look for a exercise type that we will happily instill in our lifestyle and not one that we would do out of compulsion.


It will not only help us loose extra weight but also make us healthier.


I was reading a article " Gardening - LOSE WEIGHT & GET IN SHAPE" by Phran Novelli, it a lovely little article that tells us how gardening can be a substitute for your daily exercise, act as a stress buster, allow you to spend time with your family, and gift you with sound sleep at the end of the day.


Like gardening, you can also choose to play with your kids in the park, or take your pet dog for a long walk or indulge in any such pleasure activities and get exercise as a bonus.


For people with busy schedules, this phrase " Burn Calories not electricity " will do wonders to their waist lines.

Take the stairs instead of the lift.

Wash clothes with hands rather than in the washing machine.

Try to park your car far from your work area which will give you a much needed walk and will also save you from competing for a parking space around your busy work place.

Finish lunch early and go for walk in the remaining time.

Lower your dependency on the intercom and office boys for office work.

These are small things that if we practice will surely make a difference and give us all much needed exercise without disturbing our busy schedules.


Serious exercise minded people who have time, can join the health club or the Gym and take up a exercise schedule recommended by their trainer.


For such people there are a lot of options like Cardiovascular activities, for example, Aerobic, Bicycling, Running, or even Brisk Walking.


Weight training is also a good alternative as it  gives the benefits of increasing your body endurance along with getting it into shape. But before taking on to these type of exercises consult your doctor for the one best suited for you.


To conclude, I hope that from now one people will strive for a healthy lifestyle rather than juste weight loss and adopt it as a life long habit.

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