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  • Addy Wheatgrass takes pleasure in introducing Vermicompost Plus, a natural Organic Bio-Cide ( Bio Pesticide) for Plants.

    It is either added to potting soil at the time of new plantation or replanting a plant to a new pot or it can be mixed with the top soil of pot with plants susceptible to viral and fungal disease born from the soil. 

    The millions of microbes present in the Vermicompost Plus kills the harmful bacteria in the soil through a biological action without adding any chemicals to your soil.

    Along with prevention of soil borne diseases, it also promotes healthy roots. We all know that healthy roots mean a healthy plant which gives better flowering and fruiting.

    Nothing is more painful for a gardener to see a plant die due to the virus, fungal disease. These viral and fungal diseases are hard to diagnose at an early stage and use of chemicals on them is becoming ineffective day by day due to these viruses and fungus developing resistance to these chemical pesticides. 

    The result is we have to use more and more of chemical pesticide which gets into our food chain and endangers us with life threatening disease like cancer and other.

    Vermicompost plus is added to 20 gram per medium size pot and it cost less than Rs 4.00 per pot.

    Vermicompost plus carries the same premium quality as other product available on our website.

    Add Vermicompost plus to your potting soil today.

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