CocoPeat Brick 4.5kg + Expands up to 7 times its size. Delivery Extra*

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Cocopeat is fast gaining popularity as an ideal growing medium for kitchen garden and terrace garden

It is lightweight and lowers the weight of the pot making it easy to move/shift around in your garden.

Cocopeat holds moisture lot better than soil and reduces the need for frequent watering to the potted plant in hot climates. It also a helps in saving water and watering time.

Cocopeat is resistance to bacterial and fungus disease thus saving your plants from soil born diseases.

Cocopeat loosens the soil and prevents it from compacting which allows roots to take nutrients and oxygen.

Cocopeat can be used as growing medium without adding any soil to it. If you use only coco peat than you can use half a size of pot you usually use to grow your plants.

* Delivery Charges extra @ Rs200.00 per block for deliveries anywhere in India.

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