Addy's Magic Quick Compost Maker 100ml - Free Delivery

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    Addy's Magic Quick Compost Maker - Free Delivery

    Get premium quality compost in 45 to 60 days.

    Add 10 ml to a liter of water and spray it generously on every layer of waste you add to the compost bin.

    Addy's Magic Quick composter is a useful tool for kitchen Gardeners looking for quick composting of Kitchen waste and Garden waste.

    A unique blend of fungus and bacteria which effectively decompose dead organism, animal waste, and organic waste.

    You get good results even if you fail to get the right mix of Brown ( carbon ) and Green ( nitrogen ) waste.

    Microbes help in generating heat for speedy composting of waste.

    Equally good for converting cow dung and cow dung cake into good quality compost in 45 days.

    Help ineffective composting in smaller size container too.

    Removes the wait from your composting and you get good quality compost every time

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