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  • Wheatgrass Seeds

    Now you can buy superior quality seeds suitable to grow Fresh Wheatgrass in your Home and reduce cost of fresh wheatgrass to 1/4 of what you currently paying.


    Growing your own wheatgrass insures that it do not contains harmful pesticides and chemicals. Your home grown wheatgrass also does not contain bacteria and virus and it is pure as Organic wheatgrass.

    Those who are buying Fresh Wheatgrass from market do not know that the fresh wheatgrass they are buying contains life threatening Pesticides and chemicals.

    Currently there are two times of fresh wheatgrass available in market on basis of process used in growing.

    1.  Fresh Wheatgrass grown in agricultural farm soil used for growing of crops which has become laced with harmful chemicals due to rampant use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in our farming.

    2. Fresh Wheatgrass grown in fodder machine used to grow fodder feed for horses and cattle. These machines are poorly maintained and are unhygienic and infested with rodents and harmful bacteria making wheatgrass grown in them not suitable for human consumption.

     So people buying fresh wheatgrass from market get wheatgrass which contains harmful cancer causing chemicals absorbed from the soil they are grown in. Over the years our farmers have been using excessive pesticides and chemical fertilizers to increase the yield. These chemical remains in soil even after 10 of years after they been first used. These harmful chemical gets in our food chain as these get absorbed by fruits and vegetable grown in them.

    We all remember public outcry against chemicals found in Coca-Cola soft drinks. But not many people understand that these chemicals were not added by Coca-Cola Company in their drinks. Those chemicals found the way into ground water from soil and finally landed in Coca-Cola drinks.

    Wheatgrass gets harmful chemical from these pesticide and chemical laced soil and do harm to our health.

    Fresh wheatgrass bought from market and produced in Cattle fodder making Machines is also Produced, Handled and Stored in unhygienic condition and get infected with viruses and bacteria in the process.

    As wheatgrass is consumed in raw form all these viruses and bacteria gets in our body and can cause serious disease to us.

    So if you want to take benefit of wheatgrass, growing your own wheatgrass is best option.

    Addy wheatgrass seeds are ideal for growing wheatgrass at home as:

    1.  They have higher germination rates than ordinary wheatgrass seeds.

    2. Quality of wheatgrass produced is many time superior than ordinary wheatgrass.

    3. Per tray wheatgrass yield in weight is more than wheatgrass grown by ordinary seeds.

    4. Addy Wheatgrass is less susceptible to mold and fungus.

    5. Addy wheatgrass Contains wider range of Nutrients than ordinary grown Wheatgrass.

    6. Free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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