About Us

About Us

Addy wheatgrass is incorporated with a vision to increase the awareness of people about miraculous property of Wheat grass, Aloe Vera .and other such natural Health Supplements and provide the access to high quality health products at convenience of their home with click of a mouse.

We started as a small unit providing Girmes Wheatgrass in Delhi NCR. Soon we added Fresh Wheatgrass to our product range. We joined hand with an International company dealing in health care product and introduced Fresh Wheatgrass grown in a hydroponics way which makes it free of pollutants like chemicals and pesticides. Our fresh wheatgrass is grown in controlled environment by monitoring all the parameter like ideal temperature, humidity, air flow and timely administration of macro and micro nutrients. Result is a high quality fresh wheatgrass full of nutrients and therapeutic values for which it is known for.

During our interaction with people using fresh wheatgrass we found that they use mixer grinder to juice up the fresh wheatgrass. These high speed mixer grinder oxidizes the nutrients of wheatgrass making them in to foam and leaving them useless. But due to non availability of wheatgrass juicer in India and high cost of imported ones , people were left with no choice other then to use mixer grinder. Wheatgrass Manual Juicer was our new addition to our product range. We take pride in providing a Indian Wheatgrass Manual Juicer at one third of the cost of imported one. Our Manual Wheatgrass juicer is highly effective in juicing of wheatgrass and other small soft fruits.

Our Wheatgrass consumers always asked us for quality Aloe Vera Products. It took us one year to add Aloe Vera to our product range. Reason being we wanted to provide Aloe Vera of highest quality. We found that if aloe Vera  leafs are not processed and packed within 3-4 hours of harvesting. its nutrients get oxidized. Finally we joined hand with a firm with own Farms in Luharu and having processing unit at their farm itself. Our Farm Fresh  Aloe Vera product range consists of Aloe Vera Juice in 1 liter Half Liter, Hair Gel and Face Cream.

Addy Wheatgrass moto is to insure all year round availability of high quality Health Supplements  and endeavor to bring you many such other natural products in near future.

We are proud to be associated with oldest producer and exporter of wheatgrass powder (since 1998) , Girmes Wheatgrass. They have their Farms near Anandnagar, Dist. - Solapur, Maharashtra- 413101, India. They have India Organic and  USDA Certified product. We give Home delivery in Delhi NCR and Express parcel delivery in all of India.