Vermicompost 4500 gram Economy Pack Free Delivery

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  • Vermicompost made by red worm

    5 Pack of 900 grams each.

    Buy fully matured pure organic vermicompost from addy wheatgrass and see the difference it makes to your kitchen garden and flower plants.

    Fully matured vermicompost contains 3 to 4 time more NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) than ordinary compost.

    It helps in soil conditioning through the microbe present in it and makes available the nutrients to plants in easy to absorb form.

    Vermicompost also arrests the growth of harmful fungus, virus in the soil and prevent them from diseasing the plant.

    vermicompost mixed in right quantity to potting mix eliminates the need of adding chemical fertiliser to the pot.

    Mix half vermicompost and half soil for best results.

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