Neem Oil for Spray Cold Press- 100 ml Free Delivery*

Product Code: Organic Neem oil 100 ml (300ppm)
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  • Cold press natural Neem Oil.

    Free from chemical and pesticide. Safe for the pet.

    Organic Pesticide for plant viral and fungal diseases. Add 2.5 ml to a liter of water along with 4- 5 ml of liquid soap.

    Neem oil is a natural fungicide and virus disease controller.

    It is safe for plants.

    It is safe for beneficial insect and bees.

    It does not leave traces of poison on the plant, vegetables, and fruits.

    Spray it in evening. 

    Spray every 4- 5 days till plants are disease free.

    In areas with chances of the plant getting fungal and viral diseases, spray it every 15 days as a preventive measure

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