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    Organic biological microbes based fertilizer in granular form. Double Power with double microbes count.

    Coverts Soil NPK / Compost / DAP / Urea into plant Food. 

    Mix 10 - 20 grams in the soil mix.

    For existing plants mix 10 - 20 grams in 100 gram of compost and place it  2 - 3 inches below the topsoil in the pot.

    Converts soil's chemical NPK / DAP / Urea / Compost / Vermicompost into plant food.

    Suitable for Vegetable, Flower & Fruit plants.

    Over the years soil in India lost microbes which are helpful to plant and the number of microbes harmful to the plant has increased.

    Helpful microbes convert chemical compounds present in soil into plant food which gets easily absorbed by plants. 

    Helpful microbes also produce a sticky substance which envelopes the harmful microbes and their number decreases.

    Soil NPK / Compost / DAP / Urea Fixer for Plants acts as natural organic NPK by converting soil NPK and also produces acids which regulate plant growth as plant hormones.

    Soil NPK / Compost / DAP / Urea Fixer for Plants reduces salts from the soil and make them healthy.

    Mix it in potting soil or use it on top of the soil for better flowering and fruiting plants.

    Order it today and make your soil and plant healthy.





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