8 Pieces LDPE Grow Bags UV Treated. Free Delivery. Size (10 x 10 x 12 inches LxBxH / 24x24x40 cms)

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  • LDPE Growing Bags Economy Grade - Set Of 9 Bags Size 10 Lenght x 10 Breadth x 12 Height in inches / 24 x 24 x 40 in Centimeters

    People who are serious about gardening are always planting/repotting/moving plants in their gardens.

    Which usually involves handling heavy pots filled with soil.

    LDPE Growing bags filled with 60% to 80% organic matter in the form of coco peat, Composed (RiceHusk, wood chips, wood dust, shredded dried stems and dried leaves) are a lighter alternative to dirt filled heavy clay pots.

    LDPE Growing Bags reduces the weight of the pot by 1/3rd. 

    LDPE Growing Bags are easy to store after use. You can just fold them up and store hundreds of them in a corner.

    LDPE growing bags are suitable for growing vegetables and flowering plants.

    LDPE growing bags cost a fraction of the price of clay and plastic pots and can easily last up to 3 years with little care.

    LDPE growing bags are a must for every gardener.

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