Wheatgrass Use in Dengue Cure

Wheatgrass Use In Dengue Cure

Ades Mosquito spreads Dengue Fever

Since Dengue fever is spread through Viruses transmitted through the bite of Aedes mosquitoes, there is no cure for Dengue fever and treatment is done for relief and monitoring of symptoms.

As in the case of other viral fever, Dengue fever also result in low platelet count and if it levels slips to 25,000 units, then it can be life-threatening. In such a case the only way to increase it is platelet transfusion.

There are many know natural remedies in Ayurveda that help to maintain platelet count and wheatgrass is one of them. Wheatgrass is also known to be taken by Cancer patients on ongoing Chemotherapy to boost their platelet count.

According to Dr. Vikram Chauhan MD (Ayurveda), Wheatgrass along with Papaya Juice. Ashwagandha can be helpful in increasing the platelet count in the patient suffering from Dengue Fever.
The important function of Platelet in the blood is to prevent bleeding by clotting. Low platelet count induces internal bleeding.

Symptoms of Dengue fever

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Exhaustion
  • Severe joint and muscle pain
  • Swollen glands
  • Rashes over the body.
  • Patients suffering from Dengue fever may also show signs of bleeding gums, severe pain behind the eyes, and red palms and soles.

Treatment of Dengue

Wheatgrass is known to increase Platelet count and increase in HB level, RBC, Total WBC, and different WBC count.

In a study conducted by Shri P R Trigar, Department of Pharmacology, R. K. College of Pharmacy, Kasturbadham, Tramba, Rajkot - 360020, Gujarat–India, on rats, wheatgrass found to be beneficial in increasing platelet count.

Diseased rats were treated for 3 weeks with wheatgrass juice and it produced a significant increase in all blood cell counts, showed a significant increase in hemoglobin, RBC, total and differential WBC, and platelet counts.

Wheatgrass when taken along with Dengue fever treatment can result in maintaining and increasing platelet count of the patient. Before taking wheatgrass for Dengue treatment for platelet count, you are requested to consult you medical practitioner and take it under their medical supervision only.

Prevent Water Logging in things around your house to discourage breeding of Aedes mosquitoes to prevent spread of Dengue fever in your locality.
Prevention is better then cure.

Ades Mosiquito breeding