My wait for the Wheat Grass Juicer for the last 2 years ended when i came

across Addy Wheatgrass . I ordered the juicer online little knowing that i will get a fast and prompt reply and service from the team , i was impressed even before i got the juicer in hand , and i realised i am doing the right thing .
The juicer reached mumbai with little delay from the post and not from the team . When i took my first shot of real wheatgrass juice i had to figurout how it works , but i must say it worked . The juice also tasted different than what i used to take before as it didnot get oxidised and the juice was pure . The working of the manual juicer is simple and easy to clean and also the colour of the juicer which i got is green in colour and it looks cool. Thks for the whole team of Addy Wheatgrass and a special thks to Mr Gautam . All the very best to the whole team and cheers to good health

From a satisfied cutomer


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